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Training Delivery Methods

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Avionics Training Development Services

Sun Flight Publishing, Inc. is a leading developer of multimedia training products for the aviation industry. We specialize in computer-based avionics training programs, but also create traditional training materials to suit the particular training task.

Our principal training developer has been creating avionics training programs, in various forms, for over 20 years. This experience, combined with Sun Flight’s development team, comprise over 50 years of training experience. We pride ourselves at our practiced ability to intensely analyze our customer’s training needs and then provide the most comprehensive and efficient training program for the target flight crewmember or technician.

Computer-based Avionics Training
We want to help you create and deliver impactful, cost-effective e-Learning solutions. Whether you need to create a dynamic website, develop engaging e-Learning applications, or implement a powerful Learning or Content Management System, our innovative and knowledgeable staff look forward to the opportunity to work with you in creating elegant solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Computer-Based Training Services We Offer

  • Instructional Design
  • Interface Design
  • Interactivity Development
  • Content Development
  • Program Development
  • Project Management & Consulting

Learning and Content Management Systems
  • Data Modeling
  • Interface Design
  • Database Design
  • Web-based development and Integration
  • Project Management & Consulting

Multimedia Development:
  • Interface Design
  • Graphic Design and Illustration
  • Audio and Video
  • Animation (2D and 3D)

Our Development Process
1. Analysis - We work with you, and subject matter experts, to identify the “real” training objectives for your target audience. We will help you determine the appropriate design and delivery medium to fulfill your training needs; focusing on the solution that will maximize effectiveness while minimizing costs.

2. Prototyping - Through prototyping, we conceptualize, create and test our development direction. Prototyping guides the design process and includes subject matter experts early in the process to guarantee success.

3. Design - Creating solutions that are attractive from a design standpoint is paramount in keeping the attention of the student. Lost concentration because of repetitive slides or lifeless animations severely reduces the effectiveness of any training. Therefore, Sun Flight uses superior graphic, audio and visual designs to engage the student. We are able to deliver training solutions that are exciting and enhance the student experience.

4. Development - To maximize development efficiencies, we create work-tools based on the prototyped designs. These tools are engineered for minimal production times as well as maximum performance on the target delivery platform.

5. Communication - With every project, we establish solid and open lines of communication between us and the customer. We can accommodate any customer communication protocols, providing continual project updates and milestones.

6. Quality Assurance - We conduct rigorous reviews and testing throughout the development process, providing several checkpoints to ensure that you and your users are pleased with the direction of the project. We also conduct strict Beta and end-user testing across all the delivery platforms to guarantee the functionality and stability of our applications.

7. Implementation Training - If your employees or sub-contractors require training on the implementation of the product, Sun Flight can provide specialized sessions conforming to your schedule and location.

8. Maintenance - With contractual agreements, we can easily provide maintenance services for the product throughout its intended life. Thus you can be assured the training package is always kept current with your latest changes or updates. Technical assistance is also available for both you and the end user.

Avionics Maintenance School Courseware Development
Sun Flight works very closely with avionics and flight training institutions to determine their needs. As schools decide to train their technicians for the NCATT-AET certification, Sun Flight will package together all the course material needed for each NCATT-AET training module. Delivery of these packages will be dependent on the existing infrastructure of the school.

Aviation Technician Colleges
There are many aviation colleges, both private and government, that want to find an effective alternative to the currently fragmented sources of avionics training material. Sun Flight Publishing’s experience uniquely qualifies us to gather all the current and relevant training materials for classroom avionics training and offer specific packages tailored to the specific curriculum, thus freeing the instructors of the curriculum design burden. Currently, there is no single source of training material for these schools, and instructors scramble to gather relevant and comprehensive course material.

Traditional use of actual avionics equipment is both expensive and difficult to keep current in the ever-changing technology of aviation. Many schools are still teaching hands-on repair skills with greatly-outdated and dilapidated radios. Plenty of up-to-date radio equipment gets donated to schools all the time, but these often go unused by the students due to a lack of repair manuals or an interface harness. Virtual training programs and computer simulations solve many of those problems, and Sun Flight’s staff of developers and subject matter experts can create specialized programs using virtual simulations. Technical students can always be assured of the latest developments and comprehensive training in a solo, feedback-rich environment.

New Avionics Product Training Development (Pilot and Technician)
Pilots and technicians need comprehensive training to effectively use or repair new avionics products, and creating a training program is usually not an area of specialty for most avionics manufacturers. Sun Flight can help, by working closely with the engineering and marketing staff to create highly-effective and dynamic training materials for the end customer or technician.